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The Art of Concealment
the life of Terence Rattigan (1911-1977):
This play by Giles Cole was presented at the Jermyn Street Theatre in January 2012 and transferred to Riverside Studios Hammersmith in May 2012.
The playscript has been published by
Oberon Books.

Terence Rattigan

The Art of Concealment is a play not only about the demons that haunted one of our great playwrights but about the creative process itself, and the process of ageing, of loss, and the pain of love – with the ironic twist that we know Rattigan to be more honoured now than he would ever have expected in his lifetime.

The play was specially commissioned for the Brighton Festival Fringe 2011 to mark the Rattigan centenary year, and was directed at the Iambic Arts Theatre by Tom Latter, assisted by James Barry, and designed by Sara Abbott.

A new production of the play opened at the Jermyn Street Theatre on 9 January 2012. It was directed by Knight Mantell, designed by Meg Witts, with lighting design by Howard Hudson, sound by Andrew Johnson and music by Matt Gray Music.


Daniel Bayle (Kenneth Morgan)
Judy Buxton (Vera Rattigan / Aunt Edna)
Alistair Findlay (Older Terence Rattigan)
Charlie Hollway (Michael Franklin)
Christopher Morgan (Cuthbert Worsley)
Graham Pountney (Frank Rattigan / Freddie Gilmour)
Benedict Salter (Tony Goldschmidt)
Dominic Tighe (Younger Terence Rattigan)

Photographs of the show in performance by OSCAR BLUSTIN.



Below are some photographs of the production at Riverside Studios Hammersmith, London.
Cast changes at Riverside were as follows:
Brian Deacon
(Older Terence Rattigan) Ashley Cook (Younger Terence Rattigan) Oliver Hume (Cuthbert Worsley) and Ewan Goddard (Tony Goldschmidt, Kenneth Morgan and Michael Franklin)

Ashley Cook Ashley Cook and Ewen Goddard

Brian Deacon Ashley Cook

Judy Buxton Buxton and Graham Pountney



Tim Walker, Sunday Telegraph

'This is as perceptive an account of Rattigan’s life as has ever been penned.’

Rating: *****

Libby Purves, The Times

‘Giles Cole’s meticulously researched but imaginative new play... Absorbing, humane and fascinating.’

Rating: ****

Charles Spencer, Daily Telegraph

‘One leaves The Art of Concealment convinced that much of Rattigan’s character, and his craft, has been most skilfully revealed.’

Rating: ****

Paul Taylor, The Independent

‘A richly insightful and deeply entertaining bio-drama… Even for seasoned Rattigan buffs The Art of Concealment will spring suggestive revelations.’

Rating: ****

Quentin Letts, Daily Mail

‘This sprightly but tender bio-play.’

Rating: ****

Henry Hitchens, Evening Standard

‘Poignant and occasionally very funny.’

Rating: ***

Lloyd Evans, The Spectator

‘Giles Cole’s little gem of a play.’

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