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‘Sex and death from start to finish’ – one way of describing genealogy and the study of people’s ancestry. Eric Wilkinson offers Martin a chance to make a start in life by learning the skills of a genealogist. Martin is grateful for the opportunity, but his girlfriend Stephanie is a little more dubious. This three-sided relationship proceeds to throw up rather more difficulties than are encountered in parish registers and people’s wills.

ANCESTORS was broadcast on BBC Radio 4 in 1975, directed by Ian Cotterell, with Geoffrey Bayldon, Michael Cochrane and Kate Coleridge.


Mr Kendrick is the village sub-postmaster and therefore at the heart of his small community, but his complacency is severely rattled when his customers take exception to his way of doing things and take matters into their own hands.

KENDRICK’S LAST STAND was broadcast by BBC Radio 4 in 1978, directed by Ian Cotterell, with Timothy Bateson, Sheila Shand Gibbs and Elizabeth Bell.


A disillusioned schoolmaster, a unexpected friend, a friendly waitress in the local tearoom and a portable record player – the key ingredients in this companion piece to the stage play OLD SCHOOLBOYS.
TEA AND BINGO is an account of a rather particular afternoon in ‘what might loosely be termed’ the schoolmaster’s life, in an out-of-season seaside town.

TEA AND BINGO was broadcast on BBC Radio 4 in 1980, directed by Ian Cotterell, with Peter Jeffrey, Gordon Reid and Eve Karpf.


Karen is a precocious 16-year-old who reads TS Eliot and knows about Mozart and ‘The Magic Flute’. She is an only child and lives with her unemployed her father after the death of her mother. She wants to be a dancer, like Saint Narcissus; she wants to believe in God; she wants to be an eagle so she can just ‘be there, sitting in the air and care, and not care’. She fascinates her teacher, Miss Thompson, and she is running rings round both her father and her boyfriend. And then her plans start to go wrong.

SHADOW IN THE MOUTH was broadcast on BBC Radio 4 in 1983, directed by Ian Cotterell, with Sylvestra Le Touzel, Alex Jennings, Eric Allan and Jacki Piper.


How much does one necessarily know about one’s wife or husband? Or best friend? SECRETS examines the nightmare scenario that befalls a woman whose husband works for “the government” and who disappears one day. Is Hannah’s husband a traitor to his country? A spy? Can those emotive words really apply to someone so apparently close to her? Can she survive her own ordeal at the hands of the courteous and delicately mannered Felix Bennett, who appears out of the blue on her doorstep? Will she see her husband again? And if so, will he now be the same person she said goodbye to a few short weeks ago when he set off for “a conference” in Germany? SECRETS looks at human trust and love when placed on a precipice.

It was first performed in 1984 at the King’s Head, Islington and it was subsequently adapted for BBC Radio 4, directed by Ian Cotterell, and performed by Barbara Leigh-Hunt, Paul Brooke, Michael Cochrane and Carole Boyd. It was published by Samuel French Ltd in 1990.


'Hello. My name is Euphoria, but people call me Effie. I am a smart young secretary, nothing out of the ordinary. I live in Shepherds Bush and I like painting, pop music and travel. One day I hope to write a best-selling novel. I was born – well, of course, you know when I was born, don’t you?’

Euphoria sets out on a quest to discover her birth mother. But finding out the truth about oneself is rarely straightforward.

EUPHORIA was broadcast on BBC Radio 4 in 1986, directed by Ian Cotterell, with Deborah Makepeace, Stephen Rashbrook and Jennifer Piercey.


Daniel Webster, an electronics expert, wakes up in a military prison in Libya and has to accustom himself to the fact that he is being detained indefinitely, for no apparent reason. His only contact is an officer of the Revolutionary Guard, Captain Mohammad al-Salim. He keeps himself sane by re-playing cricket matches in his head and conversing with his boyhood cricketing hero, RJH Kenton, until his two hundred days are up.

WEBSTER’S TWO HUNDRED was broadcast on BBC Radio 4 in 1987, and repeated in 1988; it was directed by Ian Cotterell, with Tom Wilkinson as Webster, Godfrey Kenton as RJH Kenton and Colin Stinton as Salim.


A woman witnesses something from a window that turns out to have been a murder. She feels she has to do the right thing and give a statement to the police. She is their only witness. And her life becomes a complete nightmare and one long process of escape.

THE DISAPPEARANCE won first prize in the Sussex Playwrights’ radio play competition 2008.


NINETEEN AGAIN TV comedy series; commissioned (but not made) by BBC (1994)

THE MIRROR short screenplay (2010)

STRANGER ON THE DOORSTEP short screenplay (2010)


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